Christening Quilt

 I got a request over the weekend for a custom order for a special quilt – a Christening Quilt. This is my customers second child, and for the first one she had a small quilt in light colors that christening guests could sign and write notes on. She wanted to recreate the same idea for her second child. Only problem… The christening is this Friday!  

I did a very simple pattern in bright girly colors. The center squares are 5″ finished and allow plenty of room for guests to sign, write notes or draw pictures. The dashing colors are replicates in the simple polka dot border, which is light enough to accommodate additional signatures if needed. And, when quilting, I did a simple stipple but left the squares free so people could write more freely.  

The back is a coordinating yellow with  white dots and the binding is a scrappy lavender. This quilt will hang on a yellow wall when done so it should work out well.   

 Luckily I got it done on time because I had a good helper! It went out today via overnight mail for delivery tomorrow and I hope the customer loves it!

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