A Surprise Stop in Berlin

Sometimes I do these crazy day or two trips to Europe. This week it was overnight to Berlin on Wednesday for a client meeting, then right back to the airport to go to London Thursday night for a series of meetings Friday. I flew home Friday night. Whenever I travel I have the best intentions of taking a few minutes and finding a fabric shop. Once in a while it works out, but usually not.  

Thursday was a little different in Berlin. The guy next to me on my flight knocked his wine into my MacBook causing the keyboard to fry. I had to go the the Berlin Apple Store to try to fix it, or at least get a keyboard. As we were leaving the main shopping district, we ran into traffic and my driver asked if I minded taking a shortcut through a neighborhood to save a little time. As we were driving I was looking out the window and saw this amazingly cute shop. I was not quite sure what it was but the bright colors and bunting gave me hope. So of course we stopped.  

 So cute! Called Volksfaden, this little fabric and craft shop was adorable. And the owner Linda was delightful. She is American from upstate NY and has such a charm about her. We really had a lovely chat.  

She had a great collection of cotton including a bit on sale.  Some was from manufacturers that we have in the states and some was from manufacturers in Europe. I picked up two prints from Paris and a couple of adorable FQs to surprise Jen.  

She has an adorable back room with more fabric and a bunch of handmade items. She also had nice sets of fabric bundled and some unusual patterns.  

 I loved these little framed quilts. I have framed quilt blocks hanging in my house and think it adds another dimension to the usual way of displaying quilts.  

 Her collection of children’s clothing made me wish Maddie was still a baby so I could dress her up too!!!she also had very well made stuffed animals, a few bags and other wall art.  

And, who doesn’t love a good thread display!!! 

I really enjoyed this shop and Talking to Linda. If you are in Berlin it is worth the stop, and she also has a website at http://www.Volksfaden.de. Make sure you bring your euros though as the shop doesn’t take credit cards. I was all out of cash but was able to use my paypal account. 

A successful meeting, a visit to a fabric shop and I made my flight! Not too shabby! 

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