Pitter Pattering Around

Today has turned into a quiet and relaxing Sunday. I started the day in the sewing room and confronted the first of six scrap baskets.  

 I hate letting fabric go to waste, but when the scraps overflow out of baskets, drawers and closets, it starts to stress me out. So, from time to time I take them and cut them into usable sizes that I can quickly grab when I want to either quickly stock up on craft show inventory or just sew without really thinking about it.  

Kids novelty fabrics get cut into squares in two sizes for I spy quilts.  They are a lot of fun to make, especially for the holidays. 

 Then I cut scraps into larger rectangles, usually for tea wallets or tissue cases (as shown on bottom right). I am also making a bow tie quilt and each block requires two 3.5″ squares and two 2″ squares (lower left). The remaining fabric gets cut into 2.5″ squares for four patches or for postage stamp quilts, and then I cut strips for string quilts. I got through one basket which was a great start.  

 I also got two baby quilts loaded onto the long arm machine, with rob’s help, and hope to get them quilted tonight.  

I also packed for our trip to Maine next week. There are about seven projects crammed into that bag. No way will they ever all get done, but it is fun to dream.  I will probably bring more before we leave!

Then, after feeling like the sewing room was a little less of a dump we went to the pool with Shane and the kids. Happy Sunday!

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