Productive Sunday

I had a crazy work week last week and some fun friends over for the weekend. Beyond spending the day in NYC (yes, that is THE tree)  and writing a deck on Saturday night after dinner, I was able to relax and get some sewing done on Sunday. It was a day of odds and ends, puttering about, cleaning the studio and just enjoying a low key day. Best of all, all my custom orders are done and out the door. Here are some highlights. 

First, a new towel design for a lady whose friend raises cattle. I hope Brady likes his towels! I am always amazed at what I can find online. 

Speaking of finding cool stuff online, one lady in Warwick asked for a bi-plane. I found this design and just had to adjust the colors. It looks great on the blue apron. 

I love doing kids aprons. These three are adorable. I wish I could get a photo of my customer’s grandkids wearing them!

I also quilted a quilt with a very unique theme. More on that tomorrow!

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