Handmade Christmas 2017 – The Quilts

I haven’t been doing craft shows this year, so I wanted to focus the little sewing time I had available to a handmade Christmas. I was pleased with my productivity – here is the output by the numbers:

  • 4 quilts (plus two more still to finish)
  • 7 pillows
  • 7 table runners
  • 9 embroidered towels
  • 1 embroidered apron

I had plans for a few things that didn’t get done, but if the list isn’t ambitious I feel I am not trying hard enough. I actually didn’t get pictures of everything, but here are the quilts.

Scott’s Outdoorsy Quilt

My favorite nephew got this lap quilt. He loves being outside and is into wildlife so this fabric was perfect for him.

I had extra blocks and wanted to use them right away, so I made a 20″ x 20″ pillow with his name on it.

The quilting is an outdoors print from Urban Elementz that has moose, bears and pine trees. It is perfect for Scott. I originally bought this pantograph for a longarm customer and was happy to put it to good use! I had actually bought another panto for this quilt called “cabin in the woods” but liked this one better.

The back is a fun flannel that I found at Joanns. I don’t normally buy fabric for quilts there, but this print was too perfect for Scott. Looks like he likes his quilt. He should know he always has a hug at the ready from Aunt Erin.

Rob’s All About Me Quilt

When I was making holiday quilts, my husband had commented that some people were on their second quilt, like nephew Scott, but he had never gotten a quilt from me. I have plans for a more complicated quilt, but wanted to whip something up for Christmas, and had been collecting fabrics that fit him. I love the All About Me pattern from Atkinson Designs and decided to make an “All About Me” quilt for Rob.

I used Moda Grunge for the sashing, and managed to fit in many of his favorite foods, hobbies and teams. We have pizza, sandwiches, donuts, coffee, soda, and ice cream for food; tennis, skiing, hockey, woodworking, travel, sailing, casino and watches for hobbies; and the Rangers and Giants for teams. I even snuck a Patriots logo on since he watches them with me, and found a cool carpentry fabric with a paint can and roller to depict his work as a contractor.

He was definitely surprised, and then shocked he didn’t see me working on it. He actually did, but I told him it was an Etsy order. He believed me! I even let him pick the backing color of Grunge for my “customer”. He jokingly said he should have paid more attention as I doubt he would have picked purple if he knew it was his.

Quilts for Sophia and Gavin

My friend Shane has such cute, well-behaved kids. We love spending time with them, and while they both got baby quilts when they were born, they are 7 and 12 now. It seemed time to make them new lap quilts to have at their dad’s house.

I made Sophia’s from Blueberry Park fabric, which I love. She isn’t a pink girl, so hers uses all the blue and green colors and still looks feminine without being frilly.

For the quilting I used an all over daisy pattern with a blue thread.

I love how it came out, and actually made two of this quilt. The other one was for someone at work, but then I made something that I thought she would like better. So that won’t be done until later this week. Oh yeah, I made a pink one too.

Gavin loves sports, especially soccer, so I made him a bright and colorful quilt that features sports equipment and uniforms.

I added his name to personalize it, and the quilting is soccer balls. I used this pattern on Rob’s too. I liked the backing fabric a lot as it is supposed to signify the plays on a soccer or football game, but I think of it as hugs and kisses.

It was a lot of fun giving these special kids a special gift, and I hope they use them in the best of health.

Tomorrow I will share the other handmade Christmas items. I hope you enjoyed a meaningful Christmas with family and friends.

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