Think Beyond the Quilt with your Handi Quilter Longarm

The one thing I know about quilters is they are always creating something to make someone else happy, or feel loved, or celebrated. It is one of the reasons I love when our guests ask for help with their special projects, and the greater the challenge the happier I often am.

Our good friend and customer, Sharon Leighton, came to me for help making special shower favors for her daughter’s bridal shower. The wedding is in Savannah (this weekend!) so Sharon had the idea to use peaches as a theme. And, she is a new Handi Quilter Amara with Pro-Stitcher owner and wanted to use her longarm to create the shower favor.

Sharon’s creativity knows no bounds and she had the idea to make pot holders – but not just any potholder! These would have peach fabric and a custom quilted design.

There are lots of posts these days about doing embroidery on your longarm (something I personally don’t do or recommend, as cool as it may be.) For Sharon’s design, I worked with her to create the design using Pro-Stitcher Designer. It was super easy to digitize a graphic and add text. I should have spent more time on the thread stops but we were on a deadline!

Sharon then duplicated the design to stitch it out multiple times on white fabric. She then crafted her potholders with Poly Therm heat reflective fleece and her peach fabric.

So cute! These awesome pot holders on their own would have been a fantastic shower gift. But Sharon, I have learned, is an overachiever. Why just provide a custom sewn, on-theme pot holder when you can make peach barbecue sauce too?

She made a lot of other things too, but I’m focusing on the quilty fun!

This is so charming and packaged so well. I am sure Christas was blown away by her Mom’s love and guests were touched by how personal this gift was. I am so grateful to have received one of these treasures, and have to get the peach barbecue sauce recipe. In the meantime, this is an awesome example of thinking outside the quilt on ways to use your Handi Quilter longarm for other creative endeavors.

Thank you Sharon for letting me play a small role in your special day, and for allowing me to share your story and images. Congratulations and best wishes to Christa and Kurt for a beautiful wedding this weekend! Send photos, and the sauce recipe! 🙂

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