Giucy Giuce in Rangeley

L-R: Jen, me, Giuseppe, Steve, Peggy at Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery in Rangeley, Maine

My family has been visiting Rangeley, Maine since I was a little girl (as evidenced by the photo of my brother and I with my mom taken close to 50 years ago!) and I have always loved it so much that we bought a house there. We had planned to be in Maine for Memorial Day weekend, but that plan was solidified when Giucy Giuce signed on to exhibit some of his breathtaking quilts at the Lakeside Contemporary Art Gallery.

For those of you that don’t know, Giuseppe has designed multiple (maybe ten-to-twelve) collections for Andover Fabrics and has also taught at Cotton Candy Fabrics many times. (Spoiler alert, we are working on dates for another class this fall!) We have gotten friendly, and I was super-excited to support him in this gallery show.

For this exhibit Giuseppe chose to show only quilts that he made from his own fabric. You can see a beautiful range, but they are all true to his bold, colorful and modern style of quilting. From L-R, top row: Between Worlds, Particle, RE, Canyon Road
From L-R, bottom row: Feather, Event Horizon, Zia Bakula, Pandemic Quilt

Canyon Road is one that we will be kitting when Giuseppe’s next collection for Andover arrives. The group is part of his Century Prints line and is Deco Glo. The colors are fantastic and we can’t wait to make this quilt. RE is an improv foundation paper piecing project that will hopefully be a class soon. I had a very hard time not buying Feather, and it was awesome to see the quilts featuring Nonna fabric which was inspired by his grandmother.

The quilt shown here, Francesca’s Garden, was the recommended project from the Nonna fabric line. Peggy made this quilt, and we were fortunate enough to quilt it. It was fun to get a photo of Peggy with Giuseppe in front of his version of the quilt.

These two quilts, Bakula on the left, and Zia Bakula on the right, are the same exact pattern. I thought it was interesting how different they look based on the colorway and style of the fabric. The fabric on the left is more modern, and the fabric on the right is more traditional, although in a very contemporary color palette.

It was also interesting to see the show which also featured John Hooper, a master Maine craftsman that recreates his views of nature on Rangeley Lake through wood. You can see a bit of his work in some of these quilt photos, and like Giuseppe, his talent is boundless.

If you have the opportunity to visit Rangeley in June please be sure to check out the show. The show runs through June 30, and many of these stunning quilts are for sale. Put on by Rangeley Friends of the Arts, the Gallery is at 2493 Main Street in Rangeley and online at or They are worth a follow either way as they do a great job showcasing local talent and always have interesting exhibits! If you decide to head over to see the current show, let me know as I might be there. And at a minimum I can point you to some other awesome things to do in the area.

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